ASRS Gynecologic programme

Dr Joseph Ng
Chair – Gynecology

I am very pleased to announce that the Gynecologic programme of the Asian Summit on Robotic Surgery will be hosted by the Asian Society for Gynecologic Robotic Surgery, the ASGRS, which is Asia’s premier and only pan-Asian organization of Gynecologic robotic surgeons.  The RSis honored to have the ASGRS partner with the ASRS this year!  The Gynecologic programme also has the support of the Asia-Pacific Association of Gynecologic Endoscopy (APAGE), the Australian Gynecological Endoscopy Society (AGES), the Japan Society of Gynecologic Robotic Surgery (JSGRS), the Society of Korean Gynecologic Robotic Surgeons (SKRGS), the Taiwan Association for Minimally Invasive Gynecology (TAMIG), and the Ob-Gyn societies of Singapore and Malaysia.

In addition, the World Robotic Gynecology Congress (WRGC), a well-established brand in gynecologic robotic surgical education is bringing its first ever Asian edition to the ASRS!

I hope to be able to welcome all gynecologic surgeons, nurses and allied health professionals to Singapore in October where the gynecologic community will rally together as one family to launch the Asian Consensus Guidelines and Statements on Gynecologic Robotic Surgery.

Gynecology Programme Committee

Dr Joseph Ng
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Dr Hung-Cheng Lai
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Dr Ida Ismail-Pratt
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